Former members

Former members
Dr. Chaitanya Lekshmi
Dr. Shilpi Karmakar
Dr. Susmit Kumar
Dr. Elisabetta Primiceri
Dr. Maria Serena Chiriacò
Dr. Zoobia Ameer
Dr. Antonio Turco
Dr. Fausto Sirsi

Former PhD students
Giuseppina Marzano (jointly with A. Ferramosca. M.E. Dell’Aquila, Okolab srl)
Angelo Milone (jointly with IBM-Research-Almaden and STMicroelectronics)
Ilaria Buja (jointly with A. Luvisi)
Giulia Siciliano
Sophia Zoupanou

Former students (selected)
Dr. Pasquale Scarlino
Dr. Davide Iaia
Dr. Marco Scigliuzzo

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