ERN-Apulia targets to bring Apulian population closer to the research world and viceversa. Apulia is an Italian region with about 4.1 million inhabitants (approximately 7% of the whole Italian population), with 4 public universities having a total of about 2750 permanent researchers in addition to those from the Public and Private Research Institutions. Thus, ERN-Apulia has a large capacity of potential contributors and beneficiaries, which increases the overall impact of the planned initiatives.
Our main objectives are:
– to plan and implement preparatory events (during the year) and two ERN (2018 and 2019) where researchers meet the society, with particular attention to students, industrial and professional organizations, municipalities and public administrations;
– to increase public awareness and recognition of the importance and impact of research in daily life, with specific examples from ICT to health and life sciences, from elementary particle to astrophysics research, from robotics to the preservation of cultural heritage, etc;
– to stimulate curiosity and interest and explain the fascinating world and the opportunities in research, especially to the youngest as a mean to encourage them to embark scientific careers;
– to establish a tight connection among population/institutions and researcher to continue during the year;
– to prepare and publicize dissemination materials along with scientific games and site visits (including laboratories and sites of cultural interest) to be available during the whole year for the general public;
– to explain the spirit and opportunities of the European Research Area, the H2020 agenda, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions and the principles of “The European Charter for Researchers”;
– to reach a number of followers close to 500,000, a number of participants larger than 200,000 (among all the various initiatives) and a number of participants to the ERN larger than 100,000.

H2020-EU.1.3.5. – Specific support and policy actions

MSCA-NIGHT-2018 – European Researchers’ Night

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Funding Scheme
CSA – Coordination and support action

Involved People
Giuseppe Maruccio (EU project coordinator), E. Primiceri, M. S. Chiriacò, A. G. Monteduro and all Omnics group @ 2018-2019

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