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Involved People:   G.Maruccio, E.Primiceri, M.S. Chiriacò, A.G.Monteduro, S. Rizzato, A. Leo, A. Turco, F. Sirsi, A. Milone
Collaborations: R. Rella (Lecce), V. Tasco and A. Passaseo (Lecce), V.A.Dediu (Bologna) and G. Reiss (Bielefeld)

Within Omnics research group, various transducers are optimized and employed, from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and electrochemical (EC) transducers to (localized) surface plasmon resonance (SPR) films, magnetoresistive (MR) junctions, field effect transistors (FET), surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices and split ring resonators (SRR).

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