Dr. Ilaria Buja

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e-mail: ilaria.buja@unisalento.it


Ilaria Buja (1990), graduated in Medical Biotechnologies and Nanobiotechnology (specialized in nanobiotechnology), at University of Salento, (cum laude). She experienced the functionalization of a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM-D sensors), with cell lines, working with different cell cultures and characterizing the cellular response to treatment with chemotherapeutics, at the CNR Nano.
She obteined her Master’s degree in 2016 in Nutrition and Dietetics and she practiced at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, (University of Bari). She has a very interdisciplinary background. In fact, she worked as Quality Control in agroalimentar field and later, as biochemical research technician for HiQ-Nano, start-up company of Italian Institute of Technology.
In IIT, she experienced the synthesis of highly monodisperse fluorescent silica, gold and silver nanoparticles (with different size) and their characterization.
She also cooperated with INAIL and IIT Genoa researchers.
Since 2018, she is a PhD student in Nanotechnology at the Dept. of Mathematics and Physics “E. de Giorgi” – University of Salento, Italy and is part of the Omnics research group. She is working with lab-on-chip technologies (sensors and microfluidics), developing them for in situ diagnosis of plant pathogens (in collaboration with CNR NANOTEC – Institute of Nanotechnology and DiSTeBA, both in Lecce, Italy; WSL- Swiss Federal Institute, in Switzerland and IBM, in USA, who are all partner of the same PhD project : PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 – Axis I “Investments in Human Capital” Action 1.1 “Innovative PhDs with industrial characterization” – project DOT1712250 code 1: “Microfluidic-based approaches for plant pathogens diagnosis and control”).
In 2019, she and her group got the Prize “Best research project”, 2nd edition of Contamination-Lab, University of Salento.
She is also qualified for the profession of biologist.

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