Dr. Anna Grazia Monteduro

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9265-134X
Scopus Author ID: 54411050800
WoS Researcher ID: J-4402-2015

e-mail: annagrazia.monteduro@unisalento.it
skype: anna.grazia83

Phone@CNR-Nanotec: +39 0832319831 (office), +39 0832319311  (Spintronics), +39 0832319313  (LOC-Sensing)

Anna Grazia Monteduro graduated in Physics (magna cum laude) at University of Salento in February 2009 and got her Ph.D. in Bio-molecular Nanotechnologies with focus on NanoPhysics, in July 2013 with a thesis entitled “Beyond Moore’s Law: new functional oxides and ballistic devices”. After her Ph.D., she held a post-doctorate research fellowship at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of University of Salento within the European project on Molecular Spintronics and Nanomagnetism (FIRB project, prot.n. RBAP117RWN). Then, from 2016 to 2018, she works in collaboration with the National Institute of Research in Gastroenterology “Saverio De Bellis” – IRCCS, Castellana Grotte (BA) for the development of biosensoristic and Lab-on-chip devices within the project on “Terapia personalizzata in pazienti con tumore epatico”.

 She is presently researcher at the the Department of Mathematics and Physics of University of Salento and carries out her research activity at the jointed labs University of Salento/CNR-Nanotec in the fields of (i) Nanoelectronics, in particular, on the study of functional oxides (e.g. high k and multiferroic materials) for their exploitation in electronic semiconductor devices and spintronics, (ii) Nanomagnetism, in particular on the characterization of hybrid magnetic nanoparticles, composites and heterostructures and (iii) RF technologies for sensing and electronic application.

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