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Involved People: A.G. Monteduro, E. Primiceri, G. Siciliano, A. Turco, S. Rizzato, A. Leo, G.Maruccio
Collaborations: Prof. Rivas (Santiago de Compostela), Prof. Curri (Bari), Prof. Cozzoli (Lecce)

General description: In recent years, much attention has been spent on the synthesis and characterization of different kinds of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs), since they find application in several fields, such as biotechnology, biomedical, material science, engineering, and environmental areas.  Spinel  ferrite nanocrystals, magnetite (Fe3O4) and maghemite (γ- Fe2O3), are the main representative of the MNPs for their physical properties (optical, electrical and magnetic) different from those of their bulk counterparts, due to surface and quantum confinement effects.

Scientific Strategies/Facilities: Nanomagnetism is investigated by means of a Cryogenic superconducting magnet equipped for vibrating sample magnetometry and a.c. susceptibility. Beyond hysteresis, both zero-field cooled and field cooled curves are acquired to evaluate the blocking temperature.

Selected results 1/1: (left) Hysteresis curves at different temperature and (right) comparison of the field cooled and zero field cooled curves to evaluate the blocking temperature of Fe2O3 nanoparticles provided by Dr. D. Cozzoli group.

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