Multipurpose EIS-sensor platform

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General description: A major aim in clinical research is the development of new tools for early and high throughput sensitive diagnosis. LOC can offer new easy-to-use tools for medical diagnostics able to replace standard, time-spending and complex laboratory methods. Within the last years, we have developed several LOC platforms for point of care analysis, the detection of cancer biomarkers (e.g. PSA, autoantibodies for prostate and pancreatic cancers) and cells studies. In these devices sensing was often performed by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).

Scientific Strategies/Facilities: To realize our multipurpose LOC platforms, we combine arrays of interdigitated electrodes with a microfluidic module for the automatic handle and delivery of solutions and samples to the sensing areas. Microfluidic modules are realized by soft lithography, while sensing elements are fabricated by optical lithography. The laboratory is fully equipped for electrochemical characterization and impedance measurements:  potentiostat Autolab PGSTAT3 with FRA module for impedance spectroscopy, a portable potentiostat for on-site investigations and an Agilent VNA/Impedance Analyzer.

Advancements in optimization of EIS lab on chip in Omnics group from 2008 to 2021.
Overview of potential applications of lab on chip devices in clinical diagnostics.

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