Saba Aziz

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Saba Aziz started with PhD in nanotechnology at the CNR nanotec, dept. of Mathematics and Physics “E. de Giorgi” – University of Salento within the Omnics research group in July 2020. She has completed her graduation in 2013 with honors earning a gold medal in physics, while received her master’s degree in thermal energy engineering (TEE) from the United States Pakistan’s Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (US PCASE) NUST in 2018. Her master’s work was based on the exploration of nanofluids properties over conventional fluids used as heating and/or cooling media in many industries as well as on domestic level. During her master’s research she worked on the synthesis of nanomaterials, especially, transition metal oxides, and their use in nanofluids for heat exchanging media (heating/cooling applications). Her thesis is entitled Experimental Investigation & Enhancement of Dispersion stability of TiO2/DI Water Nanofluids for Thermal Energy Applications”.She said, “after I got a chance to do my PhD at CNR nanotech, needless to say that it was and still is very exciting. The state-of-the- art facilities and scientific environment is facilitating me not only to magnify my aptitudes and knowledge, but also to flourish as a scientist and as a person”. Her Ph.D. research revolves around the exploration of ferroelectric and magnetic properties of multiferroic materials (bulk and thin films) and the effect of dopants on these properties. She is also interested in understanding the formation and evolution of microstructures of materials, elucidating the relationship between their structures and properties, and optimizing microstructures and processing conditions for superior functional properties. The goal of her work is to unchain their new potentials and prospects and unveil the secrets of nature that are still clutched.

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