Dr. Fausto Sirsi

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e-mail: fausto.sirsi@unisalento.it
skype: fausto.sirsi


Fausto Sirsi graduated in Physics of Condensed Matter (cum laude) in 2015 with a Thesis work in Spintronics. After some jobs in the most spared fields since 2011 not only to get some technical ICT skills outside university, but also to improve open-mindedness, he started PhD in Physics and Nanoscience on January 2017.

Fausto Sirsi has experienced in FEM calculation, data analysis, magneto-electrical and magneto-optical characterization on Micro/Nano systems, paying special care to the possible integration of them in sensing devices. He also works on the development and fabrication of electronics interfaces between experimental setup and samples to be measured driven by microcontrollers, in order to improve the efficiency of the laboratory processes.

During the last year, he focused more in microscopy, becoming an experienced user of a Confocal microscope with STED option and assembling a home-made portable microscope device at micron resolution, very useful for on-field characterization of biological systems.

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