Achievement of ever higher levels of integration in microelectronics will eventually require a radical shift from the field-effect transistor (FET) based paradigm to a revolutionary approach to computing. Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA) is an alternative vision to binary computing since no current flow is required to encode binary information, and has been considered one of the most promising post-Moore alternatives.Implementation and miniaturization of QCA at the molecular level offer important advantages, including the perspective of room temperature operation, an essential step for industrial exploitation. However, the small sizes of the building blocks lead also to severe challenges when addressing the single elementary units.The present proposal specifically addresses the basic requirements to implement molecular QCA-inspired Networks, namely the measurement of the electrostatic interaction between a forced molecule (input) and its neighbour; the investigation of the propagation of a signal in a longer row of molecule (binary line); the implementation and testing of a majority gate.In particular we will address the following topics:-Pattern the molecules in controlled positions,-Contact the single molecules to force the state (inputs) and apply the clock (outputs)-Set up of a sensitive read-out system to discriminate among the two logic states of the molecule.-Understand the precise conformation and positioning of the molecules in the built system.-Evaluate the impact of non-idealities with respect to classical QCA on computation.State of the art research and development of activities in the field of molecular scale architectures for unconventional computation will be undertaken during the research programme, to reach the envisioned project’s objectives and to develop a technology for the development of QCA computing in Europe. We expect our results to build a solid starting point for the development of a novel unconventional computational paradigm.

FP7-ICT – Specific Programme “Cooperation”: Information and communication technologies

ICT-2011.9.6 – FET Proactive: Unconventional Computation (UCOMP)

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Funding Scheme
CP – Collaborative project (generic)

Involved People
Giuseppe Maruccio (Co-proposer and WP leader), Anna Grazia Monteduro, Elisabetta Primiceri

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