Dr. Elisabetta Primiceri

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-4196-3538
Scopus Author ID: 25724690800
WoS Researcher ID: P-8842-2015

e-mail: elisabetta.primiceri@nanotec.cnr.it
skype: elisabetta.primiceri


Elisabetta Primiceri (1982) received her master degree (magna cum laude) in Industruial and Molecular Biotechnology in 2006 at University of Bologna and in 2011 she finished her PhD in “Interdisciplinary Science and Technology” at University of  Salento, Lecce – Italy, with thesis entitle “Cell-Chip: new tools for cell biology”. Since 2011 she works as a post-doc researcher at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Lecce and from January 2019 she is permanent researcher at CNR Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR-Nanotec). Since 2018 she is responsible for a course in “Nanobiotechnology and Biosensors” at University of Bari,  and a PhD course at University of Salento on “Microfluidics and Lab on Chip”. Her activities are focused on the development of biosensors (expecially electrochemical and plasmonic detection) and new materials for sensing applications. She is also focused on the development of sensing platforms for cell biology.  Her skills include microfabrication techniques (photolithography and soft lithography), electrochemical measurements, electrosinthesys of polymers. She gained also experience in cell culture and cell biology. From 2019, she is Security Responsible (Preposto) for the laboratories RF&LT-spintronics, lab-on-chip&biosensors, FMR/MOKE spectroscopies ed Imaging-STED at CNR-Nanotec.  EP is co-author of 30 scientific publications including a book chapter with H-index of 12.

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