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Cell-chips have become a research hotspot in biosensors and bioelectronics because of their numerous advantages: reduced costs, increased sensitivity, rapid response, ultrahigh throughput, real-time measurements. Their development enabled significant advances in cell studies permitting high-throughput culturing and analysis of cells under different conditions. In this frame, based on Omnics EIS platform, cell chips were optimized for real-time monitoring of cellular processes such as attachment, micromotion, migration, proliferatin and apoptosis. New research directions include application to sperm cell analysis, the detection of circulating tumour cells in liquid biopsy approach, drug screening and the development of organ on chip.

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EIS for migration and proliferation assays [E. Primiceri et al., Lab on a Chip 2011, Vol.   11, p.  4081-4086, issn.  1473-0197, http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c1lc20540d].

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