Dr. Angelo Leo

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-0729-8386
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e-mail: angelo.leo@unisalento.it
skype: angelo.leo85


Angelo Leo graduated in Physics of Condensed Matter in 2014 with a thesis work on circuit electrodynamics, then he started PhD in Physics and Nanoscience on December 2014. During PhD he worked in the field of cavity magnonics, on the interaction between magnetic excitations in ferromagnetic materials and electromagnetic signals up to optical range, and on the design and characterization of two-dimension MW resonator for sensors application. He developed skills on FEM calculation, design of RF circuits, data analysis, magneto-optical characterization of nanostructures, FMR technique, many techniques of RF characterization of materials and has experienced in low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy. After a post-doc stage in ST Microelectronics, in which he worked on the development of platforms for biomedical and microelectronics applications, he is actually engaged in the optimization of devices for liquid biopsy and in the fields of magnonics and spintronics. In recent years he continuously participated to international conferences with oral contributes and he was co-supervisor for several Physics thesis.

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