Dr. Ritu Rawat

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Ritu Rawat graduated from University of Delhi, India in Physics in 2013 with major in Solid State Physics. After graduation, she persuaded her Ph.D. from UGC DAE CSR, Indore, India and achieved her degree in 2020 with a thesis titled “Study of Structural, Electronic and Magnetic properties of Multiferroic Manganites. After Ph.D., she continued her research work in ​Max Planck Postech Center for Complex Phase Materials, South Korea as a Post-Doc fellow.

Her research is devoted in studying the coupling of various degrees of freedom (spin, dipole and phonon) in trending functional oxide materials. To achieve that she experienced in various experimental techniques to measure and analyze the magnetic, structural, and electrical behavior. Her focus is to study the effect of external stimuli such as chemical pressure, strain engineering etc., in modulating physical properties of functional materials. She also has experience in using synchrotron facilities for studying the electronic structure of magnetic materials being modulated as effect of external stimuli and its interdependence with other physical properties.

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